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sporozoaphylum sporozoans sporozoasporozoasporozoaphylum sporozoansphylum sporozoans Fire inspired steaks, BBQ, seafood, burgers and more grilled on authentic Weber Grills

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About the Weber Grill Restaurant

Open Kitchen Environment

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Our unique open kitchens add to the excitement at the Weber Grill Restaurant. Watch our chefs prepare your meal over an open flame on authentic Weber Grills... all done indoors!
See the chefs in action.

Over 50 Years of Grilling History
When George Stephen created his first kettle-shaped barbecue grill in 1951, he sparked a backyard revolution. It continues today at the Weber Grill Restaurant. We have locations in downtown Chicago, Lombard, Schaumburg and Indianapolis.
More about how it all began.

Grilling More Than Hot Dogs
Our chefs are often referred to as "The Grilling Experts." We grill everything from steaks to burgers to salads, and we hickory smoke authentic regional BBQ for hours.
Check out all the grilled items on our menus.

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phylum sporozoans


phylum sporozoans

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